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What Is Elite Computer Services?   

Our company offers many services, but our main goal is simple, to “Evolve the World We Work In” by that we mean to make things easier on small businesses. If you own, or run a small business you already know its hard enough with several challenges. Elite Computer Services wants to make it easier by taking the challenges of marketing, computers, networks, websites and web security off your list of daily duty’s.     

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

 Elite Computer Services was founded by Steven Hall in late 2015 as a one man show so to say. The company took its first expansion in late 2016 when K. Herring took the positions of HR, Rep Supervisor & Accounting Manager.  The company then begun hiring more, reaching out to more potential clients and developing new services, products etc. The company took yet another huge expansion in mid-2017 when it moved into a larger office located in the heart of Saraland AL.

 The owner has had a lot of experience in the past and always had a thirst for knowledge and advancement.

 From graduating College with a 4.0 Gpa on the honors role and presidents list at the age of 17 to his fast advancement in the automotive industry, and that is where it all begun.   After making the move from an ASE certified master tech at one of the largest Toyota dealers in Alabama to sales at the same dealer it wasn’t long until he realized that a new salesman with no clientele is the underdog and the pressure to find clients was ever growing.   So, he started finding clients online, first on social media but then even started building websites to catch even more clients attention. Soon after this another dealer recruited him to start up and manage an internet sales dept., with using these same skills and learning even more he soon had this little brand-new department with only 4 people including him bringing in more than half of the overall sales for a dealership with close to 25 sales people most of which were very experienced and seasoned.   While managing this department it was routine for computers to break at the worst time, and with the I.T. dept. being 1 man who serviced several dealers it wasn’t an option to wait, this is where the love for computer repair came from.   

In 2012 West Mobile Computer was opened founded by Steven Hall offering Computer upgrades, Repair, refurbished sales etc.  

 When a dealership in North mobile contacted him in 2015 the move was made and he took over and shaped the internet dept. at that dealer and re-opened West Mobile Computer as Elite Computer Services and instead of just offering computer repair decided this company would offer his vast knowledge of marketing as well.  

 In early 2017 Elite Computer Services opened a sister company Mobile County 411 which is a nonprofit news, media, event publication. This company is growing rapidly and gives the community a place to get unbiased news, events etc. and gives companies a low-cost advertisement venue. To learn more about Mobile County 411 click HERE

  Elite Computer Services took yet another expansion in mid-2017 when T. Busby partnered with Elite Computer Services and the sister company Buzy-Bee Vinyl Creations was born, Elite Computer Services now offers signage, Logo design, company branded give outs and much more to learn more about this exciting new addition to the ever-growing Elite Computer Services family click HERE  

To date Elite Computer Services still offers the most affordable services with the heist quality and outstanding customer service in the area.   

Our goal is to grow our community by helping small business reach larger clientele and saving customers money by offering repair services that are affordable.  

 Look we know what it’s like to be the underdog, so if you are a new company or an existing company falling a bit behind on getting new customers don’t feel bad, marketing has changed tremendously and if your main focus isn’t marketing its easy to fall behind. Don’t fall behind, let us help you grow and reach your dreams. To learn more about what we have to offer your company click HERE

  Elite Computer Services has a dependable background and we can’t wait for our next expansion!


Introducing White Sand 411

White Sand 411 is a free to the public news, events & information source for all of Baldwin County, named after the beautiful white sand beaches that Baldwin County has.  

White Sand 411 is a sister company of Mobile County 411 which are both owned by Elite Computer Services 

Check White Sand 411 out daily to keep up to date on news, events, special offers and everything else that effects people in Baldwin County. Use White Sand 411 Group to connect with others and share news and events, please share your photos and experience in Baldwin County even if you’re just visiting.   We will be launching a website soon.    

Our Certifications

Microsoft Certified Partner
Google Partner
Google ADWORDS Certified Partner
Google Developer
Facebook Developer
Apple IOS Developer

We live in the digital age & technology makes our lives easier.... But what about when it Breaks?

Yes, technology is great and it's a huge part of life. it's with us at home, at work, in the car and of course in our pocket.

When it breaks, Panic sets in. 

Don't panic! We are here to get you back to the normal day to day as fast as possible

From repairing cracked screens to recovering priceless pictures thought to be lost forever, we are just a call or click away!

Great services at even greater prices

Elite is here to help, not break the bank. Don't  spend Hundreds on new devices or throw money away going to other repair companies. Save time and money!  

Never have a repair cost again

Maintenance plans

Sign up for a maintenance plan and keep your device running fast and smooth and reduce the chance of crashes and other unexpected failures, Click HERE to sign up

Service Contracts

Service Contracts

This plan give you coverage and protection if you due have a unexpected crash or other failures, this plan covers parts and labor click HERE to learn more.

Slow PC?

Elite can speed that old PC up and turn it into an Elite machine!

From virus removal & full PC optimization to PC upgrades and enhancements.