Responsive Web Design

Web Design

We love making unique interactive websites.

A plain website just wont cut it anymore, we live in the digital age and customers judge a company more from their website then you may know, more then they may know in fact.

It takes a interactive, professional and engaging website to win over today's customers, and that's exactly what we can do for you.

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Our Websites Are Fully Responsive

So what is a responsive website?

Look at the picture, see how the non responsive website is half cut off on the smart phone? this means this potential customer has to scroll to the right to view the whole website, as silly as it may sound this is all it takes to make a potential customer leave your website.

If you're viewing this website from a smart phone notice how well it fits the screen, now take a moment and open this website on a PC, change the size of the window, see how it constantly changes to fit the size of the window?

This is what a full responsive website is.

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FREE Web Security Audit

Your customers deserve a safe place to engage and do business with your company, you also owe it to yourself to have a safe website.

A website going down for even as little as a few hours can cost a company several thousand dollars.

Elite Computer Services can help keep you and customers safe, most online security company's charge $10,000 or more according to Optimal Network.

We offer free web security audits.

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